Proven leader that consistently delivers superior commercial results. Effective communicator that has built strong, lasting relationships with partners and government agencies.  Innovative manager that develops technical excellence and cohesive teams.  Extensive experience in “turnaround” and “start-up” operations.



Professional           Experiences


JL KERFOOT ENERGY SERVICES LLC (Portland, Oregon  11/13 – 06/17)




Energy services consultant specializing in oil and gas operation start-ups and turnarounds.  Provided consulting services to CCED for the Muscat, Oman operation, CCC for multiple new ventures opportunities and ARA Energy for new ventures opportunities in Oman and Tanzania.




Director Geo-science (Muscat, Oman)  7/11 – 11/13


Led CCED’s exploration, appraisal, development and reservoir characterization programs in Oman.  Within three years increase daily production from 2,000 BOPD to over 50,000 BOPD.  Recruited and developed national staff and built strong working relationship with partners and the government.  Led multiple international new ventures evaluations.




Vice President Australia Exploration (Perth, Australia)  8/08 – 6/11


Transferred to open Murphy’s exploration office.  Developed exploration strategy, lead basin, play and prospects assessments and completed multiple acquisition assessments.  Built lease sale partnerships (Mitsubishi, Osaka Gas, Samsung & KUFPEC), which was successful in winning two exploration leases.  Developed corporate LNG strategy and partnership (Mitsubishi and Osaka Gas).


Vice President Gulf of Mexico Exploration  (Houston, TX) 11/06 – 8/08


Transferred to lead the turnaround of Murphy’s Gulf of Mexico exploration program.  In six months, developed exploration strategy, ranked and high graded play and prospect inventory.  Built lease sale partnership (KNOC & Stephens), which won over 80% of lease sale bids.  Exploration leases resulted in multiple oil and gas discoveries, which added approximately gross (net) R6P reserves of 200 MMBOE (70 MMBOE).


General Manager Exploration (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 6/01 – 11/06


Led Murphy Malaysia’s exploration, exploitation and appraisal programs in Malaysia.  In 2001, led the successful appraisal and development of Murphy’s first discovery, West Patricia Field, offshore Sarawak.

The West Patricia development project was delivered on time and on budget.  In 2002, led the deepwater exploration program in deepwater Sabah, which added approximately gross (net) R6P reserves of 1,500 MMBOE (1,000 MMBOE).  Murphy’s Sabah exploration successes included the discovery of the giant Kikeh Field, which was Malaysia’s first deepwater oil discovery.  In 2004, led the offshore Sarawak exploration program, which added approximately gross (net) R6P reserves of 2.4 TCFGE (2.0 TCFGE).  Gas reserves are currently being produced through the PETRONAS operated LNG plant in Bintulu.



Exploration Manager (Houston, TX) 09/99 – 6/01


Led the exploration, exploitation and development programs for the Gulf of Mexico Offshore Region. In 2000 and 2001, Apache’s Gulf of Mexico Offshore Region delivered a ROR of greater than 45%.  In 2001, drilled over ninety exploration and appraisal wells resulting in a 60% commercial success rate and adding over 25 MMBOE in net Apache proven reserves.



Deepwater Exploration Manager (New Orleans, LA) 01/99 – 09/99


Led the exploration and geophysical technology programs for the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Business Unit.  In 1999, the Deepwater Business Unit added approximately gross (net) R6P reserves of 1,000 MMBOE (625 MMBOE) with the Crazy Horse and North Crazy Horse exploration discoveries.


Region Manager (New Orleans, LA) 06/97 – 01/99


Recruited to lead turnaround of Mobil’s Gulf of Mexico Shelf Business Unit.  In eighteen months exploration discovered gross (net) reserves of 52 MMBOE (24 MMBOE), creating over $50 MM NPV to the corporation.  Led a separate, twenty-person commercial assessment team to evaluate a significant business opportunity in the GOM. Reported directly to the president of Mobil North America. The commercial assessment was suspended due to the Exxon-Mobil merger.


Professional Experiences


Exploration Operating Unit Leader (Lafayette, LA) 11/90-06/97


Led the exploration, exploitation and development, offshore and onshore operations for Conoco’s GOM Business Unit.  Exploration, exploitation and appraisal drilling discovered gross (net) reserves of 92 MMBOE (42 MMBOE), creating over $120 MM NPV to the corporation.  Initiated and directed numerous commercial initiatives, which resulted in the acquisition and divestiture of numerous producing and exploration assets.


  Chief Geophysicist (The Hague, Netherlands) 06/87 – 11/90


Led all geophysical exploration, appraisal and development evaluations and operations for the Netherlands business unit.  Increased production by 15,000 BOPD (25%), as a result of the re-evaluation of the Kotter and Logger fields.  The development drilling was Conoco’s first successful horizontal well program.


  Chief Geophysicist (Jakarta, Indonesia) 06/85 – 06/87


Led all geophysical exploration, appraisal and development evaluations and operations for the Indonesian business unit.  Increased production by 7,500 BOPD (35%), as a result of the re-evaluation of the Udang Field.  Led the regional play fairway evaluation which resulted in the discovery of the Belida Field, which has gross (net) reserves of 300 MMBO (120 MMBO).  Also led the exploration evaluation which resulted in Conoco re-signing the Nauka PSC in Irian Jaya.


  Senior Geophysicist (London, England) 11/83 – 06/85


Explorationist responsible for new exploration venture evaluations in Europe, Africa and Middle East.  As a member of a two man exploration team, generated the prospect which discovered the Octopus Field in offshore Gabon.  The Octopus Field has gross (net) reserves of 150 MMBO (40 MMBO), which created over $90 MM NPV.  Led basin and play fairway assessments in Gabon, Congo, Angola, Greenland, Denmark, Somalia and Syria.



District Geophysicist (Houston, TX) 06/82 – 11/83


Led all geophysical exploration evaluations for International New Ventures team and screened submittals for the domestic drilling fund.  Delivered over $50 MM NPV in domestic submittal appraisal evaluations.  Led new venture evaluations in Ecuador, Peru, Nigeria and Bangladesh.  Led turnaround of Huffco’s geophysical programs in Turkey. Leadership resulted in Huffco regaining partner and Turkish government support, as operator.


  Senior Geophysicist (Balikpapan, Indonesia) 1/80 – 6/82


Explorationist responsible for play and prospect generation for Huffco’s onshore Kutai Basin PSC.  As a member of a two man exploration team, generated the prospects which resulted in the discovery of gross (net) reserves of over 5.0 TCFG (1.25 TCF).  Supervised acquisition and processing of two jungle portable seismic crews.







Senior Geophysicist (Calgary, Alberta) 1/78 – 1/80


Explorationist responsible for play and prospect generation for the onshore Canadian business unit.  As a member of a two man team, generated prospects which resulted in the discovery of two gas and oil fields, which had gross (net) reserves of approximately 50 MMBOE (20 MMBOE).


Senior Geophysicist (Oklahoma City, OK)


Explorationist responsible for play and prospect generation for the onshore Oklahoma City business unit.  Regional evaluation of the Anadarko Basin resulted in Forest Oil’s exit from deep (24,000’ – 30, 000’) high-risk exploration plays and entry into shallow (12,000’ – 16,000’) lower risk plays.  As a member of a two man exploration team, discovered one commercial onshore gas field with gross (net) reserves of 25 BCFG (15 BCFG), creating $25 MM NPV for the corporation.



Geophysicist  (Denver, CO) 08/76 – 01/78


Entry level geophysicist, who was a member of a five person exploration team responsible for basin, play and prospect exploration assessments for Alaska.  Worked as a member of Mobil’s Prudhoe Bay equity and unitization team.



Executive Management Programs


·        1995 – Penn State Engineer/Scientist As Manager


University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK) 1/71 – 07/76


·        B.Sc. Geophysics with 22 graduate hours in geology and geophysics.

·        PE-ET (Top Ten Senior Men) University of Oklahoma



I’m Gung Ho for Gung Ho!

Portland has many religious and nonprofit organizations that connect with people in need to do good and compassionate work.

Gung Ho Ministries is a Christian nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance for veterans with housing related emergencies. Tanya Hawkins, executive director of Gung-Ho was kind enough to educate me on the organization’s efforts to assist veterans in Washington and Multnomah Counties.

Gung-Ho is a high-end resale shop, located in downtown Beaverton. Sales from the shop provide thousands of dollars every month to veterans for housing related emergencies, such as rent, utilities, etc. Churches and caseworkers screen and recommend candidates to Tanya. Gung Ho has kept hundreds of veterans of all ages off the streets over the past eight years.

Gung Ho first opened in 2011 in southwest Portland. In 2017, Gung Ho relocated to 4775 SW Main in Beaverton. Donated clothing and accessories are selected for the shop or sent to the Union Gospel Mission’s thrift shop and women’s shelter. Over the past eight years, Gung Ho Ministries have contributed almost a quarter million dollars to our local veterans.

As a Vietnam Veteran, I have a special place in my heart for all veterans. If I am fortunate enough to be elected to the Portland City Council in 2020, it will be my goal to establish a venue for all aid agencies to network and collaborate to help all people in need in the greater Portland area.


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Portland Chief of Police Outlaw

I am concerned that Chief of Police Outlaw has not been given the support she needs from the Mayor and the City Commissioners.

Several years ago, I became friends with a young man who had served in the military police and had just completed a degree in criminal justice at PSU. He told me had just applied for several jobs with the Parks Department. I asked, why not apply for a position with the Portland Police? He replied, “are you crazy, do you know how much abuse the police take doing their job.”

There are over 100 vacancies in the Portland Police and another 40 people who have submitted their paperwork to retire. We need, the brightest and best men and women to serve and protect.


Lents Neighborhood Livability Association

Portland has many religious and nonprofit organizations that connect with people in need to do good and compassionate work.

The Lents Neighborhood Livability Association (LNLA) is a nonprofit that was formed by local residents to help their neighbors in southeast Portland. Char and David Potts, founders of the LNLA were kind enough to educate me on the nonprofit’s efforts to help make their neighborhood a better place to live.

LNLA has made a significant and positive difference in the community since it was formed in September 2017. Some of the nonprofit’s many accomplishments include:

  • Cleaning up miles of roadways and removing massive amounts of trash and garbage on 92nd
  • Cleaning up yards for neighbors who needed assistance.
  • In 2017, donated 22 turkeys to needy families for Christmas dinner.
  • Providing home repair assistance for neighbors who need assistance.
  • In 2018, donated 25 complete turkey dinners to needy families for the Thanksgiving holiday.

David also told me that he is very frustrated with our city government. He sees the city spending tax payer’s money on ineffective programs, while tolerating multi-million-dollar cost overruns. In David’s opinion, our city government doesn’t value the LNLA’s input.

If I am fortunate enough to be elected to the Portland City Council in 2020, I pledge that I will continue to meet and listen to the concerns of the different communities around the city on a regular basis. If elected, you will have someone in city hall that will listen and respond to your concerns.





Archdiocese of Portland

Portland has many religious and nonprofit organizations that connect with people in need to do good and compassionate work.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland is active in numerous compassionate programs including the development of low-income housing and providing aid to immigrants and refugees through Catholic Charities of Oregon. Todd Cooper, Director Special Ministries of the Archbishop was kind enough to take time from his schedule to educate me on the churches efforts to assist people in need in the greater Portland area.

Todd believes the homeless crisis is complex and goes beyond developing low-income housing. Some men and women on our streets may require drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation before they are able to live in independent housing. Others on our streets may require treatment for medical or mental illness. There is no simple solution to solve our city’s homeless crisis.

The Archdiocese of Portland welcomes all migrants and refuges and provides resettlement and immigration legal services through Catholic Charities. The church also has programs to aid people born outside the United States that are survivors of human trafficking within the United States.

The Archdiocese works closely with the City of Portland, most recently on the Cathedral Village, a new rental housing development that will serve some of Portland’s most vulnerable residents. The church also collaborates with other faiths to do good for the people in need in the Portland area.

If I am fortunate enough to gain the support of the Portland voters in the 2020 campaign for City Council, it will be my goal to collaborate with the Archdiocese of Portland on programs that will aid the people in need in our city.



Portland – Worst Drivers In America?

Quote Wizard[1] recently released their annual ranking of cities that have the worst drivers in America. The study analyzed data from millions of insurance quotes from the 75 largest cities across the country.

Who won the dubious award, as the city with the worst drivers? Portland, Oregon! Is this fake news? Sadly no, as Allstate Insurance ranked Portland 190th out of 200 cities on their list of “Best Driving Cities.”

What is the Portland City Council doing to address traffic safety? In June 2015, the City Council passed a resolution adopting Vision Zero, a plan to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries on our city streets. Is Vision Zero working?

The latest Vision Zero report shows that in 2018, 16 pedestrians and 9 motorcyclists died on Portland streets and highways. Although more pedestrians died in 2017 (20), pedestrian fatalities have trended up over the last five years. Motorcycle fatalities have also been steadily trending up over the same period.

Why isn’t Vision Zero working? The Portland City Council plan to reduce automobiles traveling at excessive speeds was to post new signs with lower speed limits across the city. The assumption was new signs would cause drivers to slow down and drive safely.……. Really?

Simply posting new signs won’t result in safer driving and lower fatalities. The Portland police are significantly understaffed and are unable to patrol all the streets and highways across the entire city, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The solution? Traffic enforcement cameras. Worldwide studies have shown that traffic enforcement cameras will result in a reduction of “11% to 44% for fatal and serious injury crashes.”[2] In my opinion, it is time the Portland City Council took tangible action to reduce traffic related fatalities.

If I am fortunate enough to gain the support of Portland voters for City Council in 2020, I will actively support installing speed safety cameras and dual red-light running safety cameras across Portland. In my opinion, these cameras will dramatically reduce needless traffic fatalities.



[1] hhtps://quotewizard.com/news/posts/the-best-and-worst-drivers-by-city

[2] Wilson, C; Willis, Hendrikz; Le Brocque, Bellamy (2010). “Speed cameras for the prevention of road traffic injuries and deaths”

Portland City Commissioner – Fair Value?

What is fair compensation for a job? In the private sector, the salary for a position is determined by the person’s education, skills and experience. Companies also share salary information to ensure their company’s compensation is competitive.  What is fair compensation for an elected official? In Oregon, the compensation for elected official is extremely variable.

An Oregon State Senator is paid an annual salary of $21,612 plus a per diem. The average salary for a Portland City Commissioner as of September 26, 2019 was $85,250! Is the compensation for a Portland City Commissioner almost four times as much as a State Senator?

The length of a legislative session for the Oregon Senate is 160 calendar days odd-numbered years and 35 calendar days in even-numbered years. The actual compensation, including per diem for an Oregon Senator ranges from $26,652 to $44,652, depending on whether it is an odd or even numbered year. The per diem is paid to compensate the Senator for travel and lodging to and from Salem.

Although the average annual salary for the Portland Commissioner is $85,250, the salary ranges from $73,536 to $115,420. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on such factors as education, certifications, skills and work experience.  In the final analysis, a Portland City Commissioner is paid significantly more than an Oregon State Senator.

The Portland City Commissioner does head-up one or more departments in city government. However, a Commissioner may have little to no expertise or experience leading their designated department. In many towns, like Oregon City the Commissioner is an unpaid position.

A State Senator’s impact on the state is far greater than a City Commissioner in Oregon’s largest city. In my opinion, it is time for the Portland City Council to critically and objectively evaluate their compensation. The voters must also ask whether or not Portland’s City Council is effectively addressing the major issues such as the homeless crisis, climate change and road safety.


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