My Priorities..…

Environment: Portland’s leadership is all talk, and no action, when it comes to making a plan that will improve our city’s environmental legacy. Portland city government has purchased more new dirty diesel buses and allowed Zenith Energy to operate an unmonitored tar sands oil export terminal on the banks of our Willamette River. Our City Council has talked about climate change but has made no clear plan for how Portland will meet its commitment to be carbon neutral by 2035. That’s not the legacy Portland deserves.

Responsiveness: This is my commitment to you: if I’m elected, every month I will have open-to-the-public town hall meetings. I will rotate the location of each of these meetings between each quadrant of our city (North, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest). Portlanders deserve a City Commissioner that will listen, collaborate and be the voice for ALL in our City Council.

Homeless Crisis: The Portland metropolitan area has hundreds of government agencies, nonprofits and faith-based groups reaching out to help our homeless. Coordination and collaboration between all these different groups, can and will dramatically improve the aid we give our homeless. Portland city government can take a lead role in collaborating and coordinating efforts between the various groups to more effectively help our homeless.

Stop The Hate: Over the past few years there has been a steady increase in hate crimes across America and in Portland. Our city must work closely faith-based and community leaders to ensure all Portlanders are protected from malicious hate crimes. Hate has no place in Portland.

Fiscal Discipline: Portland deserves a city council that ensures our taxes are spent wisely, never wasted. Yet in project after project, our city government proves unable to complete anything on time or within budget, and so the city has found itself closing treasured community centers to make ends meet. In order to provide our community with safe streets, good schools, and all the services that make Portland our treasured home, the people of Portland need a City Council with the discipline to keep projects within budget.

Labor Support: There are heroes at work every day in Portland. Health care workers, teachers, truck drivers, dock workers, police officers, firefighters—these heroes make our community function, and it is unions that do the critical work of protecting our heroes. As your city commissioner, I will be a strong supporter of our unions, and the heroes they protect.

Let’s protect Portland’s legacy, together.  


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